Utility Cases


Each of our plastic utility cases is designed with beveled edges to protect artwork, overlays, and keypads on the top surface. They are engineered for use with a multitude of interface connectors including; BONSI, Lemo, and Double D. These plastic utility enclosures provide an unlimited potential for general use electronics and may be customized to fit your specific program requirements.

Network Cube
L: 2.0'' W: 2.0'' H: 1.0''
Small Utility
L: 2.75'' W: 2.0'' H: 0.8''
Small Project Box
L: 3.1'' W: 2.2'' H: .80''
Medium Utility
L: 3.5'' W: 2.5'' H: 1.0''
9 Volt Handheld
L: 3.8'' W: 2.4'' H: 1.0''
Square Utility (Optional Wall Mount)
L: 4.3'' W: 4.3'' H: 1.3''
Industrial Utility - battery & wall or strap mount
L: 4.53 W: 2.79 H: 1.43
Industrial Utility - battery w/ standard base
L: 4.53 W: 2.72 H: 1.60
Industrial Utility - standard base & cover
L: 4.53 W: 2.72 H: 1.43
Industrial Utility - standard w/ wall or strap mount
L: 4.53 W: 2.72 H: 1.25
Large Utility
L: 4.5'' W: 3.25'' H: 1.25''
Outdoor Utility
S-523322 Outdoor Utility Enclosure
L: 5.18'' W: 3.25'' H: 2.12''
Water Resistant Utility, Wall or Strap Mountable
L: 5.4'' H: 2.6'' W: 1.3''

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