Dongle Devices


A dongle is known as a small piece of hardware that connects to a computer. New Age dongle device cases are the perfect plastic dongle enclosure for small and miniaturized electronics that connect to a computer with and without pig-tails. Capable of custom configuration for use as hardware and software keys, hardware tokens, or security devices, these highly functional dongle enclosure designs are engineered to meet the program requirements specific to your electronic device application.

Exp. Electronic Housing
L: 1.9 W: 1.5 H: .82
2" Dongle
L: 2.0'' W: 1.2'' H: 0.9''
USB Dongle
L: 2.2'' W: 0.7'' H: 0.5''
Mini Remote
L: 2.6'' W: 0.9'' H: 0.6''
Electronic Dongle
L: 4.0'' W: 1.1'' H: .8''
3" Expandable Dongle
L: 3.0'' W: 1.2'' H: 1.0''
4" Expandable Dongle
L: 4.00'' W: 1.25'' H: 1.00''
5" Expandable Dongle
L: 5.00'' W: 1.25'' H: 1.00''

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