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About Us

Our History and Customer Commitment

New Age Enclosures was founded in 2004 with 3 simple, clearly defined goals.

First: Develop an off-the-shelf line of electronic enclosures designed for today's smaller electronics that look good. To this day, we offer the best designed indoor and outdoor stocked enclosures. Our market-leading designs are to the electronics industry as Apple has been to the computer industry. We shape and encase the future.

Second: Offer comprehensive in-house services to enable our end-customers to quickly move from Off-The-Shelf to Market-Ready Enclosures™. As a single-source solution, New Age saves our customers money and precious development time. Our customization services include CNC Cutouts, Part Decorating, Custom Colors and Resins, RF/EMI Shielding, Custom Tooling & Tooling Insets, and completely Custom Enclosure design and fabrication.

Third: Create long-term partnerships with our customers built upon open communication and reliable performance. We now serve thousands of customers worldwide because our dedication to each of them remains unchanged. As an employee-owned corporation, we simply have a higher level of commitment.



Our Process Control

All New Age enclosures are molded and customized in our corporate facility in California. Our complete in-house tool room, molding operations, machining center, and part decorating capabilities allow us to deliver start-to-finish product quality control. Through this process control, we deliver a single-source solution to go from Off-The-Shelf to Market-Ready Enclosures™, saving our customers time and money.

Our Quality Difference

New Age Enclosures is a division of Alltec Integrated Manufacturing, Inc., a leader in custom injection molding for the aerospace industry. New Age Enclosures is ISO quality registered to the same AS9100 aerospace standard as our parent corporation. As such, New Age Enclosures is one of the only enclosure companies consistently meeting the demanding aerospace standard. We proudly embed this high-quality standard into every injection molded indoor and outdoor electronic enclosure we produce. We look forward to putting our proven quality track record to work for you.

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