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Upcoming Designs

ORDER a 3D-prototype to prove your new project by calling 855-4NA-ENCL today. New Age Enclosure designs shown below are  not presently in stock. They are new design concepts being considered for development. 3D-prototype and pre-production orders drive tool build timelines. Typical lead time on molded products from Upcoming Design stage is 8 weeks. If your timeline requires the product sooner let us know! We are able to rearrange build schedules. If you see a style you like but require a slightly different size please provide the feedback. Since these are not yet built we will readily consider changing the design and size to meet your needs.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: During research and development, design reviews and improvements continue to occur until parts are released and in stock. We recommend contacting New Age Enclosures prior to purchasing any upcoming design to confirm the latest revision.