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Are your enclosures ROHS compliant?

All stock New Age enclosures are ROHS compliant. Please visit our Certifications page to view or download our ROHS compliance declaration.

Are your enclosures REACH compliant?

As a manufacturer and supplier based solely in the United States, New Age Enclosures is exempt from REACH Regulation 1907/2006. However, we know many of our customers are located outside the U.S. and require REACH compliance for various reasons. To the best of our knowledge, New Age Enclosures products are in compliance with REACH Regulations. Please visit our Certifications page to view or download our REACH compliance declaration.

Is New Age ISO certified?

Yes we are! We meet the demanding Aerospace standard of AS9100.

What are the IP/IK Ratings of your enclosures?

We do not certify any of our enclosures to an IP or IK Rating as we are unable to know end uses. In addition, most of our customers modify our parts. Therefore, all testing, rating, and certification is the responsibility of the end-customer. We do know that almost all of our indoor enclosures will be equivalent to an IP50 rating and our outdoor enclosures will be equivalent to an IP67 rating.

What materials are your enclosures molded in?

Our stock Indoor enclosures are molded in White and Black UL94HB rated ABS. Our stock Outdoor enclosures are molded in Black and Gray ASA and Clear Acrylic. Our catalog also has four variants of polycarbonate you may get any of our enclosures made in: Clear, Semi-Translucent Blue, Semi-Translucent Dark Red, and Semi-Translucent Smoke Gray. If none of these options work for you, we are able to quote you a custom run in almost any resin or color required to meet your specific program requirements.

Can you send me a sample?

Due to our contractual arrangement with our distributors, all samples and low quantity orders must be ordered through our distributors. For more information, check out our Distributors page.

Is your work done in-house or overseas?

All New Age enclosures are molded and customized in our corporate facility in California. Our complete in-house tool-room, molding operations, machining center, and part decorating capabilities allow us to deliver start to finish product quality control. Through this process control, we deliver our customers a single-source solution to go from stock-box to Market-Ready® enclosures, saving them time and money.

What are your average lead times?

We know the importance of delivering quality enclosures in a timely manner to your end-customers! For stock parts, we are typically able to ship right away from our in-house inventory. Lead times are highly variable based on a large variety of factors present in every order. Contact your representative today for current lead times.

Can you match to a specific color?

Yes, to any PMS (Pantone Matching System) or CMYK call out #. We are also able to match to a physical sample/swatch. Our ability to match any color is as true for the resins we are capable of molding in as it is the ink colors we part decorate in.

What volumes can you handle?

There is no limit to the mass production volumes we can produce. Pricing up to 5,000 is available online through our website. For higher volumes, please contact your representative for a quote.

I'm not sure which enclosure to choose. Can you help me?

Yes, we can! If you cannot find the enclosure you need, contact us today and we can help you find what you’re looking for. If it isn’t something we currently produce, no problem! We’d be more than happy to help you design and build a custom part to suit your needs.


For more information about customization and product specifications, please consult our Buyer’s Guide.

I don’t have a representative/I am unsure who my representative is. How do I know who to contact?

Not a problem, you can always send an email to and we will get you in touch with your representative.

I am interested in one of your Upcoming Designs. How long do I have to wait until the design is ready?

Upcoming Designs are not presently tooled or in stock, and are concepts that are being considered for development. Pre-production orders define our tool building timeline, and once a pre-production order has been made, the average lead time on an Upcoming Design is 8 weeks. What’s more, since these parts are not tooled yet, making changes is much simpler, and if you need a slight change in size or shape to an Upcoming Design, we can make it happen for your order. If you are interested in one of our Upcoming Designs, let your representative know!

Can I get a price estimate on machining cutouts and or part decorating?

Yes, we offer complete in-house customization services to save you time and money, taking your enclosure from a stock-box to the Market-Ready® enclosure you need. Email or call your representative today for a quote. 

What file format is needed for part design or CNC modifications?

PDF is the best format for 2D drawings. 3D CAD models should be submitted as STEP or Parasolid files. If you only have a sketch, our in-house designers can help you generate models and drawings for your part. Contact your representative to make your part design idea a reality.

What file format is needed for Part Decorating?

Native Adobe files are best, preferably .ai, .svg or .eps. Those will allow us to quickly generate the required materials used to place your logo and or artwork onto your enclosures.

I need a size I don’t see on your website, may I get a custom enclosure molded?

Absolutely! Simply email or call your representative today with what you need for your enclosure, and we can make your part to your exact requirements.

I’d like the mounting bosses in a specific location. Is this possible?

While it is not possible to move the location of the existing bosses on our stock products, we are able to quote supplying the cases without bosses. We can CNC them out to open up alternate mounting options. Of course, we can also design and build a completely custom enclosure for you. Please ask your representative for information relevant to your specific needs.

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