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Four Fables about Plastic Enclosures

September 21st, 2018

While many of you may have a good working understanding of electronic enclosures, every once in a while a myth about how plastic enclosures and how they work can come about. Today, we here at New Age Enclosures want to take a moment and address some of these myths and talk about what plastic electronic enclosures can actually do.

  1. Plastic Enclosures are Cheaply Made

The word “plastic” sometimes has a negative stigma today, where it is associated with cheap and flimsy products meant for mass production. At New Age Enclosures, we strive to make the best plastic enclosure for the job, using high-quality materials that are rigorously checked by our dedicated Quality Assurance team. Each part we make is precision engineered to be the part you need, every time. Plastic Enclosures can certainly be cheap for your wallet, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cheap in their quality.

  1. All Plastics are the Same

Plastic comes in a lot of different grades and types, and getting the right plastic for the job is easy. New Age Enclosures makes most of our products in ABS Plastic which provides an excellent level of quality while still being affordable.  If you need something more rugged, our Industrial & Outdoor enclosures are made from ASA Plastic which offers high strength, impact resistance, and is RoHS compliant. We also offer Polycarbonate for parts that require transparency or a higher chemical resistance than ABS. Customizing the material is easy, as shown here

  1. Customizing is Difficult and/or Imprecise

Customization is easier than you think! CNC Cutouts are a fast and affordable customization process that can cut out various shapes and sizes of holes with computer precision, meaning each part comes out identical to the last. Printing works the same, and with Pad Printing and Direct to Part (CMYK) Printing, you can get your image and text exactly where it needs to be every time.

  1. You need a metal enclosure to have RF/EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is essential in many parts today, and a lot of people think you need a bulky metal enclosure to have the protection you need. However, a copper or nickel infused coating can be applied to the inside of any plastic enclosure to get the protection you need for the most sensitive of electronics.

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