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Micro USB Enclosure released

June 2nd, 2011

New Age Enclosures, releases the first off-the-shelf enclosure for Micro USB’s. Engineered for PCB’s with Micro, Mini, and standard USB interfaces the ultra-thin case measures 1.4” in length, .07” in width and .03” in height. The modern design meets the growing demand for an enclosure to work around the Type A and Type B 3.0 USB’s, Mini USB’s, and Micro USB’s. As the only off-the-shelf enclosure of its kind, it stands alone in meeting the quick time-to-market needs for components with these mini connectors. Identified as New Age Enclosure part number P-140730 the Micro USB enclosure features press-together assembly saving OEM’s time and money on assembly. The standard unit is injection molded in white and black ABS 94HB, RoHS compliant plastic. It may be ordered with or without the opening for a Type A USB. It accommodates a 0.526” wide x 1.25” long PCB providing a large amount of real estate for electronic components.

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