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Much anticipated Medium HUB enclosure now in Stock

March 10th, 2016

The Medium HUB enclosure by New Age Enclosures is a compact case with a completely modern look. New Age Enclosures industry leading designs continue to bring much needed style to the off-the-shelf plastic enclosure market. Identified as Part# S-353515, the enclosure measures 3.5” wide by 3.5” long by 1.5” tall. Internally it accommodates a PCB measuring 3.158” x 3.158” x .062”. The Medium Hub delivers durable market-ready® design possibilities at an affordable price. The application use options are endless for devices in any office, industrial, or home setting. It is ideal for use with: coaxial plugs, Ethernet interface, electrical jacks, power supplies, port converters, battery free devices, and as a power supply encasement. The stock unit is injection molded in white and black ABS 94HB, RoHS compliant plastic. Its exterior surface texture is equivalent to Mold-Tech -11020 finish. New Age will customize the Medium HUB and all of its enclosures to include custom material, custom color, CNC machining, part decorating, and RF/EMI shielding. For further information or to purchase click here. 

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