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New Age Enclosures’ Upcoming Designs

November 22nd, 2013

New Age Enclosures designers are constantly creating bold new designs. Each new idea is posted in Upcoming Designs. The greatest benefit of this section is it allows you, the customer, to influence the process. Your feedback can affect; design, sizing, and release schedule. The process is as easy as One, Two, Three. One – determine if there is an existing enclosure that meets your requirements. Two- If there isn’t quickly review upcoming designs to determine if one of the soon-to-be released designs will work. Three - if there isn’t, call or email New Age and let us know what changes would need to be made to meet your program requirements including how soon you’ll need them. A New Age representative will then quickly respond with a modified version and release date if the requests made are possible. They can also discuss a completely custom solution with you.

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