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The Raspberry Pi 3 Enclosure you have been waiting for!

March 15th, 2018

New Age Enclosures is excited to show our newest product, the “Pi3 Tinker Enclosure” which is now available to order from both our website and our distributors. Designed to house the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and ASUS Tinkerboard microcomputers, this enclosure can be assembled with or without screws, allowing ease of access for any user. For those looking for a fun, practical project to learn programming, this enclosure makes it even simpler through easily accessed molded openings for all connectors on the board. Available in 6 different colors, the enclosure can be easily matched to other components or any enviroment it may be used in. Colors include: Black, White, Semi-Translucent Smoke Gray, Semi-Translucent Dark Red, Semi-Translucent Blue, and Clear.

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