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Router Bar Enclosure In Stock

December 11th, 2017

The Router Bar enclosure by New Age Enclosures is a compact case with a versatile use and design. New Age Enclosures designs stylish cases to offer the off-the-shelf plastic enclosure market a low-cost solution that still looks good.

Identified as Part# S-362408, the enclosure measures 2.4” wide by 3.6” long by 0.8” tall. Internally it accommodates a PCB measuring 3.351” x 2.151” x .062” or .039”.
The Router Bar offers durable market-ready® design possibilities at an affordable price. The application use options are endless for devices in any office, industrial, or home setting. It is ideal for use with coaxial plugs, Ethernet interface, electric jacks, power supplies, port converters, battery-free devices, and as a power supply encasement. The stock unit is injection molded in white and black ABS 94HB, RoHS compliant plastic. Its exterior surface texture is equivalent to Mold-Tech -11010 finish. New Age will customize the Router Bar and all of their enclosures to include custom material, custom color, CNC machining, part decorating, and RF/EMI shielding. For further information or to purchase click here.

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