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Small Outdoor Device? Look at this!

July 9th, 2018

New Age Enclosures has released the “Small Outdoor Utility” Enclosure (Part Number S-272013), the newest in our line of rugged outdoor enclosures. Once again, we offer an uncompromising high strength, impact resistant, RoHS compliant ASA Plastic body that offers the level of protection you need for your outdoor enclosure. Our FDA Approved Silicone Rubber O-Ring ensures an IPX7 rating to protect your PCB from the elements. This enclosure supports a .062” thick PCB measuring 2.415” by 1.710”. Like our other outdoor enclosures, this enclosure offers a versatile array of connector options, including: interface connectors, cable connectors, parallel interface connectors, BONSI connectors, Lemo connectors, power supply connectors, and much more.


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