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Tooling begins on new Vented enclosures

February 27th, 2020

New Age Enclosures begins tooling on two new Vented Cases, Part Number P-151510 and P-303012. The enclosures will be stocked in Black and White RoHS compliant ABS plastic. The press together design of these two enclosures makes installation and service quick and easy. The molded vent slots on either side of the case allow for heat dissipation and/or adequate air flow for temp/humidity application uses. The P-303012 will accommodate a 2.7”x 2.7”x0.62” PCB, and the P-151510 will accommodate a 1.2””x 1.2””x0.62” PCB. The versatile design of these vented cases allows them to be used in many environments and applications. The release of the Vented Cases is scheduled for June 2020. Contact a New Age Enclosures representative for more information and to pre-order.

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