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Upcoming AAA Fob Enclosure

September 6th, 2013

New Age Enclosures has received unprecedented response to its Upcoming AAA Fob enclosure design. The enclosure, part # S-261707, became available for pre-sale at on November 1, 2013. It is available in Black and White RoHS compliant ABS plastic. All New Age enclosures are also available for order in custom colors. The enclosure holds two AAA batteries and works with in-stock battery clips also available for order through New Age. A majority of the excitement is stemming from designers and engineers praise of the optional belt clip. The belt clip, part # S-261707-BC, is engineered to also work on key rings and with Lanyard clasps. Together with the enclosure the pair is perfect as an event recorder, remote control, pager, and a multitude of small portable applications. The enclosures label recess is sized for membrane switches and labels. For more information on this enclosure and its features contact a New Age customer service representative today!

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