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May 1st, 2023

New Age Enclosures was the first manufacturer to develop USB enclosure options...and we keep expanding the line with new designs.

Today, we remain the only Off-the-Shelf Supplier with a complete line of size, style, and color options.

We currently offer a wide variety of Off-the-Shelf USB enclosures, including:
- C, B, A and Micro USB ports
- thumb drives, dongles, adapters, and USB keys
- USBs with keyring ends or clear ends to expose LED light
- and more!

All of our USB enclosure designs assemble and hold the PCB in place without screws. Our streamlined press-together engineering eliminates hardware, saving you cost and assembly time.

The application uses for these versatile enclosures are truly limitless. Check out our new highlight video showcasing just a few of the wide variety of options available.

Order today to start building with the best! 

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